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Algonquin Logging Museum Trail Guide**

Algonquin Logging Museum Trail GuideLogging History in Algonquin Provincial Park (1.3 km)
Located 54.5 km from the West Gate or 1.5 km from the East Gate along highway 60.
Numbered sections of text in this guide correspond to numbered posts along the trail.
This guide is designed to introduce you to the Algonquin Logging Museum's 1.3 km trail. Your visit to the Logging Museum begins at a staffed reception building. Once outside on the trail, this guidebook corresponds to the numbered exhibit stations along the trail and introduces you to the story of Algonquin Park logging from the early 1830's to the present. If you are interested in Algonquin Park history, some of the other inexpensive trail guides or technical series books may be of interest to you. Check out the "Big Pines Trail" and "Booth's Rock Trail" 1040 as well as "More about the Blacksmith's Shop" to name a few. Rory MacKay. 2015.


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