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Logging By Rail in Algonquin Park DVD

Logging By Rail in Algonquin Park DVDIn the early 1930’s the Fassett Lumber Corp. made a promotional film of their operation inside of Algonquin Provincial Park and at Fossmill in Chisholm Township east of Powassan, Ontario. Rare, professionally shot film tells the complete story of the cutting and hauling of trees by the men, horses, and the Fossmill railroad, as well as the mill operation from the hot pond to the shipping of the lumber. Included are scenes of working Shay logging locomotives, Barnhart log loaders, and the interior of the mill. This is a video version of this film.<P>Narration, authentic sounds, 1920’s and 30’s music, and over 50 photographs explaining the history of the company have been added. Also included in the DVD extras is a “Past Forward Afterthought-The Fossmill Railway” where the train and loader shots from the film are repeated with only sound effects, just for train lovers. <P>DVD Extras<BR>1.The Fossmill Railway <BR>2.TV news report <BR>3.TV Interview with producer <BR>Doug Mackey <BR>4.Music from the video accompanied by photos from the Past Forward collection.<P>This DVD compliments the book THE FOSSMILL STORY which tells the story of the village and people of Fossmill as well as providing more detail on the logging, railway, and sawmill operations<P>

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