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Algonquin Park Through Time and Space**

Algonquin Park Through Time and SpaceFrank Ahern’s innovative use of satellite imaging and computer graphics tells the story behind the scenery. He shows how oceans have open and closed and mountains have risen and fallen for more than a billion years to shape Algonquin’s landscape today. Discover how glaciers came along to scour the land and finally rinse it off with meltwater. Look into the layers of the forest to glimpse its secrets. Meet the plants, animals, and people who have made Algonquin their home. Watch their complicated dance. Who wins? Who loses? Who retreats to return and dance another day?.

Using satellite imagery and computer graphics, Frank shows

• how Algonquin has been molded over 1500 million years by amazing geological processes whose imprints can be seen from space;
• how Algonquin’s climate dictates the kinds of forests you will find there;
• how the forest is made of many layers, and how local conditions determine the plants that you will find in these layers;
• how the legacy of the ice ages can be seen in the patterns of Algonquin’s vegetation;
• how the harsh realities of the food chain and the population pyramid control everything from moose to mice to microbes.
Frank Ahern. 2006. 49 pages. softcover.

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