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The Kiosk Story **

The Kiosk Story THE KIOSK STORY: The Saga of Life, Logging & Lumbering In & Around Northwest Algonquin By Doug Mackey. THE KIOSK STORY looks at the history of the Northwest corner of Algonquin Park and surrounding area. From the early Native activity of Chief Amable du Fond and his descendents to the current activity as an Access Point, it has been a dramatic tale of growth and loss, Native presence, lumber entrepreneurs, the railway, tourism and changes in Park philosophy. The town of Kiosk and the 37 year operation of the Staniforth Lumber Company are featured. A brief look at some of the other interesting heritage locations in the area has been added to make a visit to the Mattawa, North Bay, Kiosk triangle inviting for new visitors to this fascinating area. 112 pages.

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