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Algonquin Park - A Place Like No Other**

Algonquin Park - A Place Like No OtherNewly published, Algonquin Park - A Place Like No Other will guide the reader through the rich history that led to the Park we know today, beginning with early indigenous hunters and gatherers, their displacement by colonist lumbermen, the formation of the Park in 1893, the growth of lodges camps and cottage leases, the challenges faced by early and latter day park superintendents, the development of a multiple-use concept including both regulated logging and recreation, the influence of today’s Algonquin People on the Park and ongoing negotiations about the role they will have within it and much more. Long-time cottager, and director of The Friends of Algonquin Park, Brian Maltman has said, "This is the definitive work on the human history of the Park, and how it has been shaped by the people who explore, work in, live in and love this place." MacKay. 432 pages. sc. 2018.

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