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Set #18 Two Rivers Trail**

Set #18 Two Rivers TrailThis set includes one of each of the following:

Changes in Algonquin's Forest (2 km)
Located 31 km from the West Gate or 25 km from the East Gate along highway 60.
Numbered sections of text in this guide correspond to numbered posts along the trail.
The Two Rivers Trail is a 2 km loop featuring a pleasant walk through a young Algonquin forest and leading to a clifftop overlooking the North Madawaska River.

Take home a souvenir of your Algonquin Park trail visit. Two Rivers Trail represented by an embroidered White-tailed Deer design. Great for your camping jacket or camp blanket. 5.08cm x 5.08cm

Of all the living things that inhabit Algonquin Provincial Park, none are more important than trees. Trees are by far the largest living things in the Park and they almost completely blanket the landscape. With a little practice you can quickly become adept at identifying all of Algonquin's trees, and this will open the door to understanding the fascinating world of Algonquin Provincial Park. Major revisions were made for this edition. Not only is this edition informative and educational on the trees species found in and around Algonquin Park it would also lend itself to be the perfect fall colour souvenir. New photographs and layout. 44 pages. paperback. Strickland. 2015.

Don George was a forester in Algonquin Park, hired in 1968, who was one of the pioneers in the evolution toward sustainable forest management. In this book, published by The Friends of Algonquin Park, Don George shares insights into his work developing the selection cutting system for tolerant hardwoods used in Algonquin Park. Through his passion for the Park's forests and scientific research, Don George's efforts determined policy in other areas of Ontario, but more importantly, changed the history of forestry management in Algonquin Park. George. 2018. sc. 72 pages.

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