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Douglas Pimlott and the Preservationists in Algonquin Park 1958-1974**

Douglas Pimlott and the Preservationists in Algonquin Park 1958-1974A founder of the modern environmental movement in Canada, Douglas Pimlott, set the prerequisite strategy for successful pressure groups - research, public education and action. Doug Pimlott’s impact on Algonquin Park was both dramatic and positive. His research on wolves contributed strongly to the park’s interpretive program. His systematic use of the media shook the Ontario public out of its complacency, encouraging more public input into the decision-making process for Algonquin Park. He fostered the growth of preservationist sentiment by pointing out the vulnerability of natural areas to resource extraction and recreational overuse. Author: George Warecki. 2021. Softcover. 75 pages.

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